Will Your Wedding Be This Nice?

As a general rule of thumb, you'll want to keep your wedding bouquet simple. Think about it, as you're walking down the isle, where do you want people's attention? The answer of course is your face. So avoid a bouquet that will compete for attention. It's an accent piece, not the main attraction.
Fairytale doesn't have to mean horse drawn carriage. In fact, sometimes the dreamiest option is the simplest one. Consider a vintage car in a classic black finish. If your wedding is complimented by nice weather, then top down is the way to go. While going with the latest model car is a relatively safe bet, choosing a timeless ride might make the most sense.
When the last bottle has been popped, and old uncle joe has been put to bed, it's time for the newlyweds to play. Here's a pro tip you'll want to remember; avoid cruise ships at all cost. Unless of course confined spaces with thousands of people are your thing. Go somewhere beautiful, somewhere historic, somewhere romantic. Go to Santorini.
If you're like other girls we know, shoes are a big deal to you. Your wedding day should be no exception. Just because they're hiding under your beautiful gown doesn't mean they should be anything less than spectacular. So whether that means 0lace, stones, or even a little bit of color, be bold, be fabulous, be you.
If ever there was a time to let your jewelry shine, this is the day. Consider your ring as important as your dress and let it grab everyone's attention. There's no such thing as too much bling on a bride, and even if there were, no one would dare tell you anything!
You could spend a lifetime browsing through catalogs, visiting shops, meeting with dressmakers, and all of that can disappear in an instant if you see the perfect dress. Your gown should speak to you in a way that no other dress has spoken to you before. If you really want to be fair to yourself, start your search with a completely open mind. Let the dresses guide you. Maybe if you're lucky, fate will lead you to this stunning J'Aton gown. If you're lucky.
Do not make the mistake of overlooking the wedding party's attire. Remember, this group will be in many of your pictures. You should want everyone around you to look great and the best way to do that is by allowing them to accentuate their strongest features while still keeping in your wedding scheme. Choosing similar dresses in varying cuts or shades is a great way to do this!.