Your Dream Disney Wedding

#1 Mermaid Girls For A Sea Themed Wedding
Disney's 'The Little Mermaid' is a popular theme for enchanted weddings and we see why with these little mer-girl cuties. There's many decoration possibilities with the color and accents of the ocean! Children and adults alike will find it magical.
#2 Belle's 'Commitment'
The $5,256 engagement ring reflects upon Belle's journey towards royalty. Its fleur-de-lis design by Gemvara is set with rubies flanked by a shield of sapphires, and a center free floating stone of yellow sapphire.
#3 Ariel's 2015 Wedding Gown By Alfred Angelo
The gown can be seen on the November/December cover of Bridal Guide magazine! It features a bodice made of draped organza over satin. A skirt designed with rows of flowing organza ruffles edged with silk ribbon and metallic embroider. A glittering belt of organza, sewn with crystals and silver beading.. So gorgeous!
#4 Disney Princess Bridesmaids
Imagine a wedding where everything is Disney. Each of the bridesmaids is dressed up as a disney princess!
#5 A Real Magic Kingdom Wedding
Did you know you can say your wedding vows at the Magic Kingdom itself? Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida offers wedding ceremony packages that includes engagement celebrations to honeymoon holidays!
#6 Ariel Themed Wedding Cakes
Additionally going with 'The Little Mermaid' theme, cakes highlighted with jewels of the sea, like coral and shells are a wonderful alternative to the traditional frosted floral designs! Now.. how about to "love and cherish" on a white sand beach!
#7 An Elegant Mad Hatter Tablescape
Are you a fan of 'Alice In Wonderland'? There's something incredibly dramatic and decadent about bringing an elegant feast outdoors for a wedding party. Remember to include fine china teacups and a few mystery riddles!

Gorgeous Celebrity Weddings

#7 The Wedding Of The Century - Kate Middleton & Prince William
All channels had coverage on this illustrious event. Every little girl envisions being swept up by a prince charming and Kate Middleton got the opportunity and we all lived vicariously through her that day. Her ivory dress was made for the Alexander McQueen collection made from french Chantilly lace perfect for the palace they wed in.
#6 Flawless Anne Hathaway Weds Adam Shulman
Anne went a different route when it came to her wedding. Her and now hubby Adam Shulman took their vows outside in a natural scene however it was still gorgeous especially with that flowing Valentino dress. Close guests were treated to spa and dinner the whole weekend at the private estate.
#5 Blake & Ryan's Wedding
The two hottest couple right now wed at the place The Notebook was shot, how romantic is that?! Everyone was kind of shocked about the wedding but close friends said they had been dating awhile. The weather was perfect for the wedding. Both rings were made by Lorraine Schwartz.
#2 Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman
These two went green for their wedding to each other. The pregnant 37-year-old looked gorgeous in her muslin and organza gown, featuring a skirt embroidered with tulle flowers, feathers and a black belt. They rode off into the sunset after the reception in an old skool and enjoyed their new life as husband and wife.
#3 Gwen and Gavin London's Wedding
She was just a girl when she wed to musician Gavin Rossdale several years ago and they have been rocking ever since. Gwen arrived in a 1970s Rolls Royce and wore a custom John Galliano dress and so did her 8 bridesmaids. The groom walked down the aisle with his Hungarian Sheepdog. Afterwards guests were driven in double-deckers to a private club in London.
#4 Mick Jagger's Daughter Weds Adrian Fillary
Everyone from Kate Moss and Christian Louboutin attended this wedding or extravaganza as what it should have been called. On the brink of doing a tour Mick Jagger took time out to give his daughter away to DJ, Adrian. Money was nowhere near a concern for these young newlyweds.
#7 Chad OchoCinco & Evelyn Do It Big
While this marriage ended in a brutal way, the wedding was a fairy tale. They wed on the 4th of July making sparks fly throughout the ceremony. Everything was over the top and expensive including his real gold spiked loafers he wore for the ceremony. He even live-tweeted the event.

Inspiring Wedding Pinboards

#1 The Frosted Petticoat
Pins only the most whimsical and eccentric of romantic ideas and visual inspirations for weddings and beyond.
#2 Le Magnifique
Seeks to bring the most beautiful and glamorous of weddings and all things bridal to its viewers -- from gorgeous centerpieces to honeymoon getaways.
#3 Wedding Chicks
Is a wildly popular inspiration board for brides when it comes to fun DIY ideas and down-to-earth reception concepts.
#4 French Wedding Style Blog
Pins fabulously inspiring content about French weddings -- from cakes to dresses, chateaus to the Eiffel Tower, Paris to the Riviera. A must-see for a francophile bride!
#5 Ruffled
Goes beyond the typical wedding pinboard by incorporating inspirational images for the guys as well. You'll find cute and stylish pics of groomsmen from the world over -- on bikes or in hot pink socks!
#6 The Pretty Blog
Is pretty indeed! Brides can easily spend hours looking through all the different images pinned -- from gorgeous dresses, wedding day confections, and colorful bouquets!
#7 Once Wed
Has not only ideas for beautiful and intimate wedding settings and decoration, but also images specifically for nature-loving couples.

Planning the Perfect Gay Wedding

There are many things you should remember on your wedding day. The main thing being that this day should not be taken away from you just because other people may not support it. You deserve respect and the day you have always dreamed of. Here are some other important things to keep in mind: Take it easy. You will want everything to go perfectly but that won’t happen if you’re too stressed out. 
Live in the moment. You will want to think ahead but don’t let yourself worry about what happens next. Stay focused on what happens right then and there. Understand that it won’t be exact. Nothing ever goes exactly the way you plan it in your head so don’t let those little details bother you, after all, life is full of wonderful imperfections. Congratulations on the happiest day of your life.
The ceremony is all about the couple, but the reception is also about your guests. You want to create an atmosphere with your reception that celebrates what you’ve all just experienced together. This is not the time to play by anyone else’s rules but yours and your partner’s.

Choose a location that will not distract you or your guests. You may opt to hold your reception in a location you and your partner have felt comfortable in the past. While something like a gay bar seems like an obvious choice, choose something that means something to you both. Rent out the hall of your favorite gallery, restaurant or hotel. For something a little more intimate, use the backyard of a loved one or rent out a beautiful park. Tailor fit your reception ideas to you and your partner and you can’t go wrong.
Have you dreamed your whole life of a church wedding? Maybe a simple, but elegant backyard wedding? Or how about a beach wedding? Now’s the time to make it come true.

If you have dreamed of being married in a church, understand that some conservative ministers may not agree to perform your ceremony. Don’t let this effect you negatively. Choose to respect their beliefs just as you wish for others to respect yours and you’ll save yourself a lot of stress. Simply find a church and minister that will be happy to help (chances are that it’ll be a shorter search than you think!) Or maybe the church setting seems a little overdone to you and your partner. These are all things to sit down and discuss in detail so you both end up with the wedding you want.
And you think choosing the wedding party is stressful? The guest list is likely going to be something you will be thinking about and planning over for weeks. When all is said and done, you still might feel like you should/shouldn’t have invited someone.

This is going to be something you and your partner will need to be completely open about. If there is anyone in your life that you think would ruin your special day, don’t invite them. This might seem kind of harsh but in the long run, you’re only saving the relationship you have with this difficult person. Select only the people that mean something to you both with the option to add more once the first draft of the list has been made. The most important thing to remember for any bride or groom is to keep your partner involved and do what you both want. This is going to be a great exercise in seeing how you will be able to handle life’s hurdles together through compromise and patience with each other.
Congratulations are definitely in order for you and your partner. Some people go their entire lives without finding the one they love and you should celebrate now that you’ve found each other with the people who mean the most to you. Before anything gets planned, you’ll feel happy letting your closest loved ones know that you are engaged.

We know that sometimes your family may not agree with your decision. This happens to people from all backgrounds and orientations so try to keep that in mind. Overall, your family should be excited for you and ready to be there with you on your big day. Remember that the people you consider to be family may not be blood relatives. As long as you’ve got the people that mean the most to you in your life, that is all that matters.
The ceremony should be a beautiful celebration. All eyes are going to be on you and your partner so make it a wedding everyone will remember. This moment is about you two so make it every bit as romantic as you want it to be.

Your ceremony should be something that shows off who you are as a couple. The first thing you will want to do is book the location. Once that has been decided, you will have more time to plan for the space you will be using. A church wedding is easy to decorate for a ceremony. You’ll also find that a backyard ceremony makes it simple to transition from wedding to reception. Some couples may want a traditional wedding while others want something that is loud and unique. Maybe you want to do a theme or just set the right color scheme. Consider every angle before deciding on anything.
This can be such a stressful process for brides and grooms. Unfortunately, this isn’t a movie or an episode of Friends where everyone just had the ideal number of groomsmen or bridesmaids. Figure out who you really want standing up there with you on that day.

It’s time to lay all of the clich├ęs to rest here. You don’t need a magic number of groomsmen or bridesmaids. Also, just because you’re a man, it does not mean that you cannot have a woman on your side of the wedding party. If your bestie is the opposite gender, so what? They still deserve to be your best man/maid of honor and we promise that on the day of, you’ll be happy you chose them. Remember not to choose anyone out of obligation (like that cousin that will get offended if you don’t make them a part of the party) but be gentle about letting them down if they feel entitled to a position in your wedding party. Simply explain that you were trying to keep the wedding party minimal and they should understand. You may even consider giving them another job in the wedding if they really want to be involved.

Will Your Wedding Be This Nice?

As a general rule of thumb, you'll want to keep your wedding bouquet simple. Think about it, as you're walking down the isle, where do you want people's attention? The answer of course is your face. So avoid a bouquet that will compete for attention. It's an accent piece, not the main attraction.
Fairytale doesn't have to mean horse drawn carriage. In fact, sometimes the dreamiest option is the simplest one. Consider a vintage car in a classic black finish. If your wedding is complimented by nice weather, then top down is the way to go. While going with the latest model car is a relatively safe bet, choosing a timeless ride might make the most sense.
When the last bottle has been popped, and old uncle joe has been put to bed, it's time for the newlyweds to play. Here's a pro tip you'll want to remember; avoid cruise ships at all cost. Unless of course confined spaces with thousands of people are your thing. Go somewhere beautiful, somewhere historic, somewhere romantic. Go to Santorini.
If you're like other girls we know, shoes are a big deal to you. Your wedding day should be no exception. Just because they're hiding under your beautiful gown doesn't mean they should be anything less than spectacular. So whether that means 0lace, stones, or even a little bit of color, be bold, be fabulous, be you.
If ever there was a time to let your jewelry shine, this is the day. Consider your ring as important as your dress and let it grab everyone's attention. There's no such thing as too much bling on a bride, and even if there were, no one would dare tell you anything!
You could spend a lifetime browsing through catalogs, visiting shops, meeting with dressmakers, and all of that can disappear in an instant if you see the perfect dress. Your gown should speak to you in a way that no other dress has spoken to you before. If you really want to be fair to yourself, start your search with a completely open mind. Let the dresses guide you. Maybe if you're lucky, fate will lead you to this stunning J'Aton gown. If you're lucky.
Do not make the mistake of overlooking the wedding party's attire. Remember, this group will be in many of your pictures. You should want everyone around you to look great and the best way to do that is by allowing them to accentuate their strongest features while still keeping in your wedding scheme. Choosing similar dresses in varying cuts or shades is a great way to do this!.